Welcome to J&A Innovations, LLC.

J&A Innovations, LLC is the developer of NogginLOC™. NogginLOC™ is a Patent Pending mechanical fastening system designed to keep chinstraps attached securely to helmets of all types. NogginLOC™ uses a unique pin attached to the helmet, and a unique receptacle fastener mounted on the chinstrap itself. When the two pieces are connected together, there is a secure connection that keeps the helmet safely on the head. NogginLOC™ also uses Patent Pending buckles of various types to give you maximum flexibility. NogginLOC™ is many times more secure than fasteners currently on the market. At the same time, when needed, NogginLOC™ can be very easily removed, even by small children.

Please note: We are launching this Shopping Cart site initially for the early adopters that want to try new technology before NogginLOC™ is available to the general public. If you are looking for the much needed improvement in helmet to chin strap connections, then you are in the right place. We will release inventory in a very controlled fashion so please be patient as we process your orders. Prior to shipping your order we may contact you with a few questions to be sure we are giving you all of the components you need for your particular helmet.

NEW! We now use the secure Square Marketplace to process Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover payments. Of course, we still use PayPal as payment if you prefer. 

See www.nogginloc.com for more information regarding our company.