NogginLOC Starter Kit for One Helmet
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For first time buyers, this is a full set of NogginLOC fasteners and buckles for one helmet that uses 4 mounting locations. This kit has 2 female fasteners which mount to "In-line" buckles. There are also 2 fixed mount buckles that allow the high point mounts to be fully adjustable with the chin strap. Kit also includes 2 male fastener posts with T nuts that mount to the helmet. A universal "Key" is also included to check for tightness on the female fasteners, high mount and male studs as time goes on. This kit works on most "existing" helmets and chin straps. Simply remove the existing male fasteners from the helmet and replace them with the 2 NogginLOC male pins and 2 fixed mount high buckles. Then remove the existing female snaps from your chin strap and replace them with the NogginLOC female fasteners. The tripple weave on the female fasteners and high mount brackets make for a positive grip on the chin strap to prevent the chin straps from loosening.

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Full Kit for One Helmet

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NogginLOC Starter Kit for One Helmet

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